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Cairns June 2002 We met some friends in Cairns, had our friends Kim and Marya from New Zealand visit for a week. We went out to some reefs for a little adventure. Then Bradleys' daughter Margy arrived for two weeks of fun.
Lizard Island July 2002 Margy sailed with us to Opal Reef, then to Cooktown, and finally to Lizard Island. The weather wasn't the greatest but we had a good time.
Outer Reefs July 2002 After Margy left, we set off for some of the outer reefs for some diving, spearfishing, and a few hair raising adventures.
Cairns-Port Douglas August 2002 A return to Cairns where most of our time was spent on tedious errands
St. Crispin - Ruby Reefs August 2002 Wolfgang and Christeen join us for fishing, snorkeling and anchoring adventures
Osprey Reef August 2002 Ron, Bradley, and Kathy venture to the far outskirts of the Barrier Reef
Opal-Hastings Reefs Sept 2002 Mike and Becky joined us from Denver for some reef adventures
The Computer Saga August 2002 Installing a new computer is easy these days - isn't it?!?!
The Auto Pilot Saga August 2002 How hard can it be to get a new auto pilot working?


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