Vanuatu - 2003                          

Click For Details Date of Trip Summary of Trip
Port Vila to Epi Island Sept 2003 We arrived back in Port Vila, took on a job (!) and set off for the more remote islands of Vanuatu, including Epi Island.
Maskelynes to Wala Sept 2003 We photograph more bungalows, see some custom dancing, visit a giant clam sanctuary, and entertain a whole village.
Espiritu Santo Oct 2003 Next stop is Luganville on the island of Espiritu Santo, home of some world class wreck diving.
Yes, we have no bananas Oct 2003 On our passage back to Australia, we conduct a scientific study to verify the old superstition that bananas on board are bad luck
Laman Bay Photos Sept 2003 Making mats, bull chasing dog, grinding kava and more!i
Laman Bay Photos (2) Sept 2003 More from the wedding
Laman Bay Photos (3) Sept 2003 Death march to the waterfall, more good food, and church
Maskelynes Photos Sept 2003 Dancing, basket making, clams and dancers from the Maskelynes and Banan Bay
Wala Island Photos Sept 2003 Dancers, making fire, and more food from Wala Island
Santo Photos Oct 2003 Scenes from the SS President Coolidge
Santo Photos (2) Oct 2003 Stuff dumped at Million Dollar Point
Map of Oceania June 2003 Where the heck is Vanuatu??


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