Hiking Adventure                          

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With our friends John and Leanne, we went up to Idaho Springs, Colorado and did a wonderful hike in the Arapahoe National Forest. We hiked about 2 ˝ hours up and had a fabulous picnic lunch at the edge of a raging stream. Couldn’t have been better. We hiked about an hour down and were half an hour from the car, going down a not-too-steep but very rocky trail Suddenly I (Kathy) was attacked by a rogue rock which grabbed my foot and sent me sprawling, culminating in a face plant on several very hard rocks. There was lots of blood involved but at least I was in good hands with 3 people trained in first aid. After they tended to me for awhile we continued our hike back to the car, then went to the Urgent Care center in Evergreen where I was promptly rejected – they said I had a broken nose and would need plastic surgery plus I would need an oral surgeon for a cut inside my lower lip at the gum line. So it was off to Lakewood to a real emergency room. It’s a Level 1 trauma center so they have all kinds of docs on call. They normally get 2-3 major traumas a week – that day they had already had 3 and a 4th was on the way. So needless to say I was not at the top of the queue for doctor attention! But the news was good. They did a Cat scan and determined that I had only a very slight broken nose that shouldn’t require any follow up. Nor did I need an oral surgeon – the ER doc was able to put a couple stitches in my mouth. I also got a couple dozen above my eye and on my nose. It actually looked a whole lot worse than it felt – I looked like I went a few rounds with Mike Tyson! But after one day of rest I was off for another hike and three weeks later am completely heeled!

Beautiful scenery on the way up the trailJohn and Leanne stop for a photo op
Just after the rogue rock attack - though not steep, there were lots of rocks on the trailFace cuts cause lots of blood - yuc!

After the doctor was done with me



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