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New Caledonia - Preparation May 2003   Making preparations for our next trip to New Caledonia.
New Caledonia - The Passage June 2003 The passage - 800 nautical miles from Australia to New Caledonia
Around Noumea June 2003 After arriving in New Caledonia we explored Noumea, the capital city and some of the surrounding islands.
More New Caledonia June/July 2003 Exploring Mt. Khogis, Baie de Prony, and Il Ouen
Tanna, Vanuatu July 2003 Our first stop in Vanuatu is the island of Tanna, home of the Port Resolution Yacht Club and an active volcano
Erromango and Port Vila July 2003 A cow goes sailing, we visit a cave with human remains, and observe a 7/8 turtle
Map of Oceania June 2003 Where the heck are New Caledonia and Vanuatu??
New Cal Photos June/July 2003 The passage and early first days in New Caledonia
New Cal Photos (2) June/July 2003 Sunsets, hikes, and scenes from Noumea
New Cal Photos (3) June/July 2003 Baie de Prony, catching dinner, and a naked man!
Tanna Photos July 2003 Villagers welcome us to to the Yacht Club
Tanna Photos (2) July 2003 Taxi ride, volcano, and village


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