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Bradley Rosenberg and Kathy Clark have a real house in Oakton, Virginia where they live with their two dogs, Mocha (chocolate lab) and Jordan (lab/border collie mix). The whole family is well cared for by Fatiha who hails from Morocco. Fatiha is a student at Northern Virginia Community College, but she runs the house for us and takes great care of the dogs when we travel.

Bradley and Kathy are temporarily retired. Kathy is the  former CEO of Landmark Systems Corporation, a software company she co-founded in 1983 which was acquired by Allen Systems Group in February 2002. Bradley is a turnaround specialist, helping to fix companies that get into trouble.

Bradley has been a sailor since the early 1980's when he did his first trip from Annapolis to Newport on a delivery. He was hooked and soon talked his way on to a transatlantic delivery. For years, he crewed on race boats in the Chesapeake Bay, eventually joining the owners syndicate for Yellow Jacket, a Freres 38.

Kathy's sister had rebuilt a boat and retired to cruise the Caribbean. Kathy would visit her regularly and really loved seeing things from a yachtie's point of view. Bradley and Kathy met in 1993 and soon began racing together on the Bay. When the relationship started to get serious, we talked about someday getting a boat.

By 1998, we decided to begin looking. We decided that we would look for a boat to cruise around the world. Although we weren't quite ready to retire and sail full time, we thought "why wait". Let's get a boat and use it as much as we can. Then by the time we are ready to retire, we'll be comfortable and experienced enough for whatever lies ahead. So Bradley went to the Annapolis boat show in 1998 and started looking. One of the boats he liked was the Oyster. It was well built and seemed ideal for ocean cruising.  We weren't looking for a new boat, but let the Oyster staff know we would be interested in a used boat that was 1-3 years old.

Not long afterwards, we got a call from Oyster. It seemed that Oystercatcher XXII, a 56 footer owner by Oyster President Richard Matthews, would be available in for sale in February 2000. There was just one catch - it would be in New Zealand for the America's Cup festivities. Well, that didn't bother us too much. If we're going to sail around the world, what difference does it make where we start? So we were interested. From there it was off to the Miami boat show for a test sail. We liked her and serious negotiations began. By May 1999, we had struck a deal and signed a contract to take delivery in March 2000.

In June, Bradley had the pleasure of helping out on a trip from the Galapagos Islands to Tahiti - some 6,000 miles. He was quite impressed with the performance of the boat. Then came our wedding in August, followed by a honeymoon trip crewing about the boat from Bora Bora to Fiji. It couldn't have been better. We took delivery of her in late February 2000 and Bradley was lucky enough to be in New Zealand to watch the finals of the America's Cup. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Australia, where she is currently residing.

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