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A Map of the World

Jane Hamilton


Stupid story about stupid people. A 2 year old drowns in a pond; woman is accused of sexual abuse; husband and wife never communicate.


Patricia Cornwell


One of the worst books I have read in years. Do not waste your time on this one! Story it stupid and disjointed; makes you wonder if the author was using hallucinogenic drugs when she wrote it!

Dead Lines

Greg Bear


A strange book about cell phones with supernatural powers. Sort of a cross between Star Trek and Steven King, this book may appeal to those who like strange books, but unfortunately I'm not among them.

Executive Sanction

David Compton


Stupid thriller about a CIA agent. Skip it.

Isle of Dogs

Patricia Cornwell


A real departure from her typical murder mystery, this book is a strange attempt at humor. Set in Virginia, it involves a blind governor who is stupid and incompetent and a weird plan to enforce speed limits on Tangiers Island where there are no cars. Funny in parts, but don't expect Cornwell's normal fare.

Moby Dick

Herman Melville


I almost never start a book without finishing it, but this is one of those rare exceptions. I was looking forward to reading this classic tale of the whale and the sea. It started of well enough, with some interesting characters. But soon the story became

The Journey Home

Olaf Olufsson


A novel by Iceland's leading author. I found it disappointing as it was set mostly in England not Iceland. Not hard to read but frustrating because it jumps back and forth between time frames with no warning. I could not identify with the central character at all.

The Lord of the Rings

J. R. R. Tolkein


Am I the only one in the world who just couldn't get into this book? I struggled through the first half and finally just gave up.

Water for Elephants

Sara Gruen


I know this was a wildly popular book and everyone I've talked to who's read it just loved it. So there must be something wrong with me. I found it a depressing story about woeful people where abuse of both animals and humans is the norm and nobody really cares. It probably is a reasonable picture of life in a traveling circus during the depression, but I just could not identify with the people or the story.


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