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The Book of Fate

Brad Meltzer


A cheap take off of the Da Vinci code. The story involved a hard to believe conspiracy between highly placed US agents who happen to be Masons. Just good enough to keep you reading - just bad enough to make you glad to finish.

A Painted House

John Grisham


Mildy interesting and well written story about migrant cotton pickers in Alabama. Not much point to the story though.


Ian McEwan


Set in England just before WWII this is a story of a big misunderstanding that changes a bunch of peoples' lives forever. Well written and easy to read but not much point to it.

Black White & Jewish

Rebecca Walker


Autobigraphy of a woman with a black mother and white Jewish father and the trials and tribulations of her childhood. Interesting, but in the end her childhood doesn’t seem much more difficult than the average person.

Brunelleschi's Dome

Ross King


The story of the daring design and successful building of the dome of the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence in the 15th Century. A short book (160 pgs) and an easy read, but quite a bit of technical detail. Architects and engineers would enjoy this book.

Caddie Sense

Michael Carrick


Written by Tom Kite's caddie of many years. Moderately interesting but only for one who likes golf.

Caine Mutiny

Herman Wouk


1952 Pulizter Prize winning novel about life on a warship in WWII

Digital Fortress

Dan Brown


First book by the author of the Da Vinci Code. An interest holding page turner, but not nearly as sophisticated or as believable as his most current effort.

Double Tap

Steve Martini


Fairly entertaining murder mystery, but I found the story pretty weak. A former Delta Force officer is jailed for a murder he didn't commit on pretty flimsy evidence and it takes his brilliant lawyer an awful lot of effort and danger to finally find the real killer. Good beach reading, but you can find better!

Elizabeth - The Struggle for the Throne

David Starkey


The story of the early life of Elizabeth I and how she ultimately became queen, with tons of historical information on Henry VIII and what was going on in England at the time. A worthwhile book full of interesting information, but a bit slow at times. Recommended for anyone with a real interest in the subject.

First You Have to Row a Little Boat

Richard Bode


A book about sailing as a metaphor for life

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Tracy Chevalier


Good story set in the time of the artist Vermeer.

Growing Up

Russell Baker


Autobiography about growing up in the depression. Interesting read.

High Exposure

David Breashears


Biography of well known climber and film maker who was on Mt. Everest during the huge storm in which many climbers died. Maker of the IMAX film Mt. Everest. A good book if you like this genre.

Keep Australia on Your Left

Eric Stiller


Two guys attempt to circumnavigate Australia in a kayak

Last Man Standing

David Baldacci


Mystery thriller involving an FBI agent and a psychiatrist. Good action, reasonable page turner, with a so-so plot and a less than satisfying ending. A fine beach book to kill some time.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Sherwin Nuland


Short and disappointing biogaphy. Very shallow and focused more on whether da Vinci was gay than on his real accomplishments


Jesse Martin


Story of a 17 year old Australian boy who becomes the youngest person to sail singeld handed, non-stop, and unassisted around the world despite not having much sailing experience.

Lost on Everest - The Search for Mallory & Irvine

Peter Firstbrook


George Mallory and Andrew Irvine were part of a British expedition in 1924 which attempted to climb Mt. Everest. They set off for the summit and never returned. There was much speculation as to whether this pair was in fact, succeesful in reaching the sum

Nathaniel's Nutmeg

Giles Milton


True story of the spice wars between the Dutch and the English and the little island called Run which was eventually traded for New York. Interesting book.

On Secret Service

John Jakes


Historical Fiction about the Civil War, Pinkerton, and the beginning of the Secret Service

Paradise Found - A Cape York Adventure

Linda Rowe


A self-published book written by the "Croc Lady" who runs a souvenier shop in Cooktown. She spent about ten years living in the wild Cape York peninsula and this book is about her adventures there. An easy and fun read especially for anyone planning an outback adventure. Personally, I'd stick to sailing!

Punk's War

Ward Carroll


Written by a former Navy fighter pilot, the story is set on an aircraft carrier in the Persian gulf. It provides a good portrait of life as a fighter pilot and is worth reading for that. The story is not real strong, but good enough to hold your interest.

Riding Lessons

Sara Gruen


Story quite similar to the Horse Whisperer, but not nearly as well written. Of interest to horse lovers or those wanting a light, quick read.

Saving Monticello

Marc Leepson


The story of Thomas Jefferson's home after his death until it became a national treasure over 100 years later. It focuses on the role of the Levy family, who owned the mansion for over 80 years and likely saved it from complete ruin. Worth reading if you enjoy history or are a Jefferson fan.

The Diary of Fletcher Christian

Peter Corris


A real disappointment as it appears to be a non-fiction book. The preface is all about the discovery of an actual journal of the leader of the Bounty mutiny. But it turns out to be pure fiction - based on the same previously known facts but told from Chri

The Irish Game

Matthew Hart


Story of major art theft in Ireland in the 70's. Somewhat interesting, but seems like it was a stretch to make it into a book.

The Lion's Game

Nelson DeMille


A strangely frightening book written before Sept 11 featuring a Libyan terrorist, a hijacked airplane, and numerous references to the World Trade Centers. It's a good page turner of a book, but the ending leaves a lot to be desired. Events of the past cou

The Millionaires

Brad Meltzer


Brothers who work at a bank plan a white collar crime but get in the way of some mean people. An adequate time passer.

The Perfect Season

Tim McCarver


Tim McCarver, former major leaguer, makes the case that 1998 was the greatest season in baseball history. From the McGwire-Sosa home run battle, to David Wells perfect game, to Cal Ripken's ending of The Streak, to several magnificent team efforts includi

The Places in Between

Rory Stewart


A Scottish writer walks across Afghanistan and lives to tell about it. Unfortunately, he seems to be a much better walker than writer. Sounds like it should be interesting and it is in parts, but it never really grabs you. Lots of quotes from medieval authors trying to provide some historical context, but I didn't find that of much use.

The Smoke Jumper

Nicholas Evans


By the author of the Horse Whisperer. I found this one a little disappointing. It was OK to pass the time and held my interest fairly well, but it was much more of a soap opera about classic star crossed lovers than about firefighting.

Total Control

David Baldacci


Thriller with a plane crash and scheme revolving around federal reserve rate changes. Not really plausible, but a good time passer.

Violets are Blue

Richard Patterson


Easy to read thriller about vampires and goths carrying out gory murders. Not very believable and not one of his best.

Wild Horses

Dick Francis


Typical, entertaining Cick Francis novel

Working on the Edge

Spike Walker


True story of fishing for Alaska King Crab - one of the most dangerous professions in the world

Zero Game

Brad Meltzer


Reasonably interesting thriller about staffers on Capitol Hill and a game they play that turns deadley. Not particularly memorable, but passes the time and not a disappointment.


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