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Lady Musgrave March 2002   Our friends Chip Raymond and Barb Sullivan joined us  in Mooloolaba. After waiting out some weather, we sailed to Lady Musgrave Island for some diving and snorkeling.
Bundaberg March 2000 We dropped Chip and Barb off at Bundaberg, famous for its rum factory. We stayed a few days to get the boat ready and re-provision for a ten day trip to the outer reefs.
Lady Musgrave II March 2002 Ron, Bradley, and I set off for a ten day trip to some of the outer reefs where we enjoyed some great diving, snorkeling,and spearfishing. Our first stop was back at Lady Musgrave Island.
Samaurez Reef March 2002 Now it's off to the outer reefs. We will not see another boat, person, or land for the next ten days. But we will have plenty of company, with some very diverse sea life.
The Swains March 2002 Ron, Bradley, and I continued our journey to The Swains. We enjoyed some fabulous diving and snorkeling and great success with spearfishing.  We had an encounter with a hammerhead shark
The Whitsundays April 2002 After a stop in Airlie Beach, Kathy's friends Cynthia and Nancy joined us for some cruising through the Whitsunday Islands.
Black Reef April 2002 We were joined by our friends Harry and Shirley-Ann for a trip to Black Reef for more diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, good eating, and lots of fun!

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