House Projects                          

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Bradley gets to ride the "digger"Having spent so much time on the boat these past few years, our house was in need of some attention. In the typical fashion of house projects, one thing often leads to another. So it was with our pool, which had developed a leak. By the time the source of the leak was discovered, the pool had drained to nearly empty as the leak was in the main drain. Thus, though the leak was easily fixed, it seemed an opportune time to re-plaster the pool as it is over 20 years old. While we were at it, we decided to re-plumb the line for the Polaris vacuum and to repair one skimmer basket which entailed removing and replacing a concrete slab. So since we were doing concrete work, it also seemed a fine time to replace our concrete patio in the "dog yard". This involved tearing up a fair amount of grass, which never grew well anyway, resulting in the need to replace that area with new sod. It didn't make sense to do that unless we expanded our sprinkler system to provide coverage so that area, which is in direct sun, would get adequate water. So now we have a newly finished pool, with a vacuum that works great, skimmer baskets that are easy to service, a new patio for the dogs, and beautiful new grass in their yard which gets watered regularly. In order to make room for the things we shipped back from New Zealand after selling the boat, we also did a major reorganization of our closets and storage space. We have several other indoor projects on the waiting list! Other recent projects include installing a new hot tub, having the house and deck re-stained, replacing our garage doors, and doing a spring cleaning on our backyard waterfall/pond.

Concrete being poured for pationSmoothing out the pation

Re-surfacing the poolPool after re-surfacing, re-plumbing, and re-filling


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