LDMK Reunion - 2                          

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Yuen Sterling

Roberta Orr

Pete Stock and Chris Queen

Pat McGettigan, with Jason Levine and wife

Charly & Melanie Jabbour, Jude Lozupone

Joyce Bennett and Beth Hayes

Dave Mishoe

Bernie, William Taylor, Glenn Stricklan

Mary Rankin and Beverly Scholz

Ed & Gigi Aguirre

Bob Camozzo and Bradley Rosenberg

Jason Levine and wife

Yuen Sterling and sons

Jiang Ning and husband

Newlywed Tim Gray and wife Marva

Jackie Swett

Fred Wright and Warren Helm

Warren Helm and Lori Wilfong

Joe Prosser

Jude Lozupone and the Jabbours

Bev Scholz checks out the wine cellar

Nancy Ludlow and Steve McGettigan

The crowd in the courtyard

Dave Mishoe and Heidi (Laparo Sandoe) Kissinger and husband Fred

Joyce Bennett, Beth Hayes, Nancy (Howe) Despeaux

Wayne Brumback, Sonya Mishoe, Ellen Brumback

Kathy Clark and Jude Lozupone

Kathy Clark, Dave Mishoe, Pat Garverick

Kathy Clark, Barry & Dianne Walker

Pat Garverick and Jude Lozupone


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