LDMK Reunion - 3                          

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Ellen Brumback

Wayne & Ellen Brumback

Pete Stock

Bob Hamilton and Wayne Brumback

Rick Tercero

Julia Shew and Erwin Lobe

Phil Laddon and Erwin Lobe

Warren Helm and Rollie Winter

Vicki & Dan Carayiannis and Kathy Clark

Rollie Winter, Kathy Clark, Kevin Rearden, Jean (Isberg) Stafford

Nancy Ludlow and Charly Jabbour

Nancy (Howe) Despeaux, Jude Lozupone, Warren Pack

Tim Gray and wife Marva

William Taylor, Roberta Orr, Jude Lozupone

Bruce & Donna Lovett and Pat McGettigan

William Taylor & Bernie and Roberta Orr

Joe Prosser and Warren Pack

Bob Hamilton

Elyse Camozzo

Patti Burge and Heidi (Loparo Sandoe) Kessinger

Sonya Mishoe and Nancy (Howe) Despeaux

Pattie Burge, Heidi Kessinger, Kathy Clark, Nancy Ludlow

Pat Garverick, Patti Burge, Heidi Kessinger, Sonya Mishoe, Kathy Clark, Nancy Ludlow

Kathy Clark in a Nancy sandwich (Despeaux and Ludlow)

Francis Coffie and wife

Kathy Clark and Eugene Nkomba


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